Gutter Cleaning in Edmonton: Why Regular Cleaning is Important

By Patrick Juma, Dec 09, 2018

Wondering how to avoid basement flooding and other costly water damages?

Want to prevent insect and rodent infestations?

In this article we will give reasons why you should clean your gutters regularly.

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Gutters are usually the most overlooked part of the house. This is because they are normally out of sight. Most home owners only become aware of them when there is a problem like clogging, and water is overflowing.

However ,it is important to remember that gutters are vital to the well-being of your home. Failure to clean them regularly can cause serious and costly water damages.

Here are 7 reasons why you need to clean your gutters regularly:


A 2014 study found that, flooding of basements is one of the biggest fear for most homeowners with basements. These fears are genuine because, a flooded basements can cost on average $40,000 to clean and restore. There is also the mental health costs of flooding and its potential implications such as trauma, health and disability.

Apart from clogged gutters poor foundation drainage system can be a big cause for a flooded basement leading to astronomical damage to your home. However, the main reason for water in your basement is the hammering effect of water pounding the ground beneath an overflowing gutter. This drives water deep into the soil where it may infiltrate cracks in the basement wall and cause water damage in the basement.

It is thus critical to keep your gutters clean to prevent water from seeping into your basement and causing floods.


Regular cleaning of your gutters will ensure they are functioning properly. The rain water or melting snow water will flow smoothly into the downspout and not over flow on to the ground directly below. On the contrary, clogged gutters will cause water to overflow directly to the ground below. This water will saturate the ground underneath it and it may penetrate the tiny cracks and pores in the foundation. When the temperature freezes ,the expansion and contraction process of the water may cause the cracks to open up and become bigger. This will then weaken the foundation.


Cleaning gutters is important because dirty gutters will attract some insects like termites and carpenter ants that love decaying leaves and rotting wood. If the termites and carpenter ants are not dealt with immediately they may move into your house and cause a lot of structural damage.

When the gutters are clogged ,the stagnant water is a perfect breeding place for mosquitos in the spring. These insects, apart from being a nuisance can transmit diseases.

If you have squirrels in your neighbourhood, it is important to check and clean your gutter regularly. Squirrels like to use clogged gutters to store away pine cones.

It is important to clean gutters regularly to protect your home pest infestation and rodents clogging the gutters.


Your gutter system is meant to re-direct the rain water smoothly away from your roof and house. Improper drainage can have negative impact on your landscape. Clogged gutters will cause water to overflow and the water wash away your mulch, and even severely damage flowers, shrubs and trees. If the water is too much, it could flood your lawn. Once the lawn begins to experience flooding ,the grass in the flooded area starts to die. To avoid having to revive your lawn after the heavy rains and flooding, ensure your gutters are cleared.


Even though exterior siding are built to resist rainfall and splashing, they cannot resist a continuous flow of water. Clogged gutters may force the water to seek alternate routes and seep behind siding. This water may run past the exterior wood sheathing into the inside of wall spaces in the house. Once the moisture gets to the wooden framing and interior wallboard ,it will be ideal for mold to grow inside the walls.


When the gutters are clogged, stagnant water is held in the gutters. Over time the roof against gutters starts to rot and this will weaken its structural integrity, and eventually the water will seep into the interior of the home. Furthermore, roof leaks can damage the interior of the home – not only will the ceilings need to be replaced, but also the contents within the home that are damaged by water.


Clogged gutters become very heavy due to the weight of contained debris and water. Overtime, this weight causes the gutters to pull away from the roof fascia . This will allow water to flow off the roof causing the fascia board to rot. The water can also enter the attic and drip down into living spaces. It can also saturate attic insulation, destroying its insulating effectiveness as well as triggering toxic mold growth in the attic. Regular cleaning of your gutters will save you these troubles and add more life to your house.

Any of these problems can be costly and time consuming to take care of. Consistent maintenance is critical to keep your gutters clean. Let the All Clean Property Services Gutter Cleaning professionals give you peace of mind when dealing with your gutters.

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