Edmonton Gutter Cleaning: How to Unclog and Clean Your Rain Gutter

By Patrick Juma, Aug 01, 2019

Before and After Photos of a Gutter

Clogged rain gutters can cause damage to your landscaping, home exterior, fascia, gutters, and foundation. It is therefore important to perform regular gutter maintenance or unclog them as soon as you notice the clog.

At All Clean Property Services, we recommend that you Clean your rain gutters at least twice a year. This preventive measure helps you protect your home from potential damages.

How to spot a clogged gutter.

  1. Plants growing on your gutters is a sure sign that your gutters need cleaning.

  2. Rain water pouring of the edges of your gutters

  3. Water spraying from downspout elbow joints and gutter seams.

  4. Water not flowing out the bottom of downspout.

  5. Soil erosion directly below the gutter

  6. Paint peeling of the siding and fascia

  7. Discoloured ,wet or dirty siding next to the downspout

  8. Gutters pulling away from the fascia

What causes the clog

Gutter intersections:

Based on the roof design, the gutters may have multiple intersections. Debris and leaves can get trapped at these gutter intersections. As the debris piles up, it starts to prevent rain water from flowing freely to the downspout.

Roof wears:

As your roof wears ,pieces of wood from the roof fall in the gutters and they start to trap debris which eventually causes clogging. If you have shingles on your roof, the granules from the shingles start to come off the surface. Over time the granules build up and either block the downspout or they form an ideal spot for plants to geminate and this obstructions catch leaves and twigs, causing clogs.

Pine Cones/Leaves:

If you have a pine tree near your gutters ,pine cones may fall on the gutters and could find its way to the downspout intersection causing obstruction. Squirrels could also use your downspout as a place to store the cones to eat later .This too will cause obstructions and clog the gutters.

Gutter spikes and hangers:

They often fall from the fascia, landing in the gutter. They then block leaves and other debris causing clogs.

Downspout Strainer:

They are meant to prevent leaves and other large debris from choking the downspout. If not cleaned up regularly, they trap the leaves and twigs which eventually block the rain water from flowing freely and this ends up being the main problem..

Downspout Elbow Joint:

The downspout elbow joints trap the twigs and leaves and this causes the gutter to clog.

How to Unclog a Gutter

To unclog a gutter you need a ladder and garbage bag or bucket .

Remove the debris starting from the downspout then clean all the way to the back of the gutter or where the debris is. This will ensure that the whole gutter system is clear.

If the clog is on the downspout elbow ,you could either prod the obstruction using a stick, plumbing snake or a pressure washer ward. If this doesn’t work, you will have to disassemble the downspout elbow, remove the debris and put it back.

If this sounds like too much work, feel free to call All Clean Property Services. Our technicians are certified professionals who will gladly help you clean your gutters before the next rains.

We are licenced, bonded and insured to work on ladders and rooflines.

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