Best Way To Clean Your Gutter System

By Patrick Juma, Dec 22, 2018

Wondering why your gutters clog so fast yet you ‘cleaned’ them a few weeks ago?

Want to know how to clean gutters like a pro?

In this article I will share with you tips and tricks to help you clean your gutters well and ensure they are flowing freely.

Before and After Photos of a Gutter

Rain gutters are installed to re direct water away from your house . This protects your roof, walls, foundation and landscape. Clean gutters are a vital component of the overall wellbeing of your home. Dirty, clogged gutters can cost you a lot in pain, health-wise and financially.

Here , I explain steps to clean and care for the whole gutters system and ensure that your house is protected.

Start by looking at the Weather forecast. Choose a day when the weather is not hot and dry. Personally I prefer mild weather . The debris isn’t too dry and it is easy to pick and clean. In extremely dry weather ,the granules and debris are sun baked onto the gutters and difficult to remove .

Then ,get the right equipment. You will need a ladder, garden hose with a nozzle, work gloves, safety glasses ,garbage bags, and a trowel.

Gutter System Components

Rain Gutters:  It is the water collection channel for discharging rainwater or snow melting off the roof.  The gutters are fixed on the fascia with a gentle slope to direct the water to flow towards the downspouts. Bottom of Form

How To Clean: Start near the downspout. Remove the leaves, twigs and large debris, putting them in the garbage bag. Use a trowel to remove hardened material and smaller debris. After removing these debris, use the garden hose to wash out remaining dirt and grime.

Downspouts: These are the pipes that connect with the gutter and usually extend from the roof to the ground. When the downspouts are clogged the whole gutter system cannot function properly and water will overflow from the gutters

How To Clean: If they are clogged ,disassemble the downspouts to unplug and remove whatever debris is clogging it. Once the clogging debris is removed, re-assemble and then use the garden hose to flush out remaining dirt and grime. Then flush out the entire gutter system.

Extensions: This is an add-on that fits onto the end of the downspout to divert water away from the foundation and structure of your house.  It is usually made of metal  or plastic. Though it  plays an important role of re-directing water from your house it is normally trampled on or missing.

Care: It is vital to have it attached and clean because neglecting it can cost you thousands of dollars in water damage to your property.  

Splash Block: This is a devices made of plastic or concrete that is placed at the end of the extension to channel the water away from the foundations of a building or house. It helps keep the water from eroding the landscape, thereby helping maintain the structural integrity of your house.

Underground Drains and French Drains:  These are underground downspout that divert the roof water runoff and divert the water away from your home’s foundation. At times these underground tubes are open at the end allowing water to flow on to the yard. Some continue to run underground into a rock reservoir that has no exit.  

How To Clean: It is vital to perform regular cleaning of these drains. If they clog then the lines may have to be dug up and redone or  installed them as an above ground drain system.  

Gutter Guards or Leaf Screens: These can be installed over the gutter to prevent branches ,leaves and other debris from entering the gutter system.  All the while ,allowing rain water or melting snow to run through the gutter. Gutter guards and  Screens have their pros and cons. Learn more about everything that you need to know before you invest in them. Please ask if you would like more information on these products.  All Clean Property Services does install gutter guards and leaf screens.  

Going Pro If you are hiring a gutter cleaning company, make sure they are insured ,licensed and bonded and have good reviews.

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