Residential Window Cleaning in Edmonton

By Patrick Juma, Dec 01, 2018

Looking for remarkable experiences and high quality window cleaning service?

Look no further!

In this article you will discover why you can feel confident in hiring All Clean Property Services as your residential window cleaning solution. You will also find what our customers say about us.

No Streaks or spots

We understand that one of the biggest desires for most home owners is to get sparkling and streak free windows. At All Clean Property Services, we pay attention to the details. We clean the frames and sills in addition to the glass surface.

Janice A :

I am so glad I found All-Clean Property Services! Patrick and Helen are professional, meticulous and incredibly honest! I called to get an estimate about windows and gutter cleaning and when Patrick came out to look at my house, he advised my gutters were clean and did not require cleaning at that time. What an honest company! I hired them to clean my windows and they turned out spotless. Patrick took his time and made them sparkle. I will definitely be using them again and telling all my friends too! If you hire All-Clean you won't be disappointed! Thank you Patrick and Helen!!

We will save you time

Cleaning your windows can be challenging and time consuming, especially if your windows aren’t kept clean regularly or if they are on multiple floors. Hiring us to do your residential window washing will free up your time and allow you to do things that you love and are more important to you.

Misha S:

Blown away by this crew.... arrived exactly on time and did an amazing thorough unhurried job way exceeding my expectations.

We guarantee our work

We give a guarantee on all the jobs we do. If we overlook anything ,feel free to call us and we will come back and make it right .

Richard T:

We had our gutters and windows cleaned June 13. The team did a beautiful job. We were impressed the work was completed with no mess on the property and the screens were spotless. True to their representation they touched up few windows to ensure our complete satisfaction before payment. We will use them again and happily refer others.

We eliminate any safety risk

Cleaning ground floor windows may be safe, however ,if you have multiple floors, attempting to clean those higher windows yourself may put your own safety at risk. We use the pure water fed system that allows our window cleaning team to remain on the ground while being able to clean up to a height of 60 feet.

Head Honcho:

Patrick and his team showed up on time, fully equipped, and dressed and ready for work. We had a very engaging discussion about employee safety and well-being, quality of results, and care of the home. Then they (to succumb to the vernacular) had at 'er. Their challenges were many, including:

  • A large house with high (30 ft + on the downslope side) and complicated rooflines and window placements
  • Three different garage/driveway/patio surfaces
  • Two different wall surfaces
  • A LOT of windows
  • Other contractors contemporaneously on-site
  • A Yorkshire Terrier puppy, who dedicated himself to stealing the Team's footwear and equipment at every opportunity.

Despite these odds, Patrick and his All Clean Team came through with flying colours. We are delighted with the results. I highly recommend All Clean Property Services to my neighbours!

Trusted by your neighbours

Since 2014,we have proudly served 1000s of households in the Edmonton area and its surrounding .Our customers love our window cleaning services and enjoy the remarkable experiences given to each one of them.

Lindsay S:

’We have been using this company for siding and window cleaning for several years now, and have consistently been satisfied and our expectations exceeded. The gentlemen who owns the company is extremely professional, kind and genuine. I would absolutely recommend this company and I will be a lifetime customer. Excellent work should be praised!

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Patrick Juma, The founder & CEO of ALL CLEAN Property Services. You can find him on Linkedin.

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